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XML Workshop Ltd. helps clients create, manage and publish information efficiently and cost-effectively, by using Microsoft Word and XML technologies to optimise the publishing process.

We offer information management and information engineering services. Our information management service allows clients outsource the tedious task of preparing content for publication. Our information engineering service enables clients to implement efficient internal content management processes by customising their internal software applications to suit their exact needs.

Information management

  • Web content maintenance
  • Website accessibility migration services
  • Website quality assurance services

We help clients maintain their websites by taking care of the daily operational details of publishing information. We accept content for publication in any electronic format, and publish it in accessible, valid HTML, relieving webmasters of the tedious task of formatting, so they can concentrate on gathering creating and editing content.

We also re-engineer existing website content to make it accessible to people with disabilities. Due to our expertise in this area, we can carry out this work quickly and cost-effectively. In addition, we can return the material in Word as well as accessible HTML format, so that updating the content is easy.

We have developed the YAWC Pro and YAWC Online Word to HTML converters to provide these services, and you can use them directly if you prefer.

We also provide website quality assurance services, by monitoring many aspects of website operation such as accessibility and metadata compliance, and linkchecking. YAWC Monitor is our automated website monitoring service, which you can use directly.

Information engineering

  • Information process analysis and definition
  • System integration and bespoke software development
  • XML and document analysis consultancy
  • XML training

We specialise in developing low-cost content management solutions based on XML and Microsoft Word. Word and XML, together with a well defined set of content creation and editing procedures, offer an effective, scalable, and flexible solution for the needs of most organisations.


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YAWC  Pro - One Click Web Publishing from Microsoft Word
Microsoft Word Plug-in

YAWC Online - Microsoft Word  conversion and web publishing server solution
Online Word Converter

YAWC Monitor - Website Quality  Assurance monitoring service
Quality Assurance monitoring


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