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What is Accessibility?

An accessible product or service is one which can be used by all its intended users, taking into account their differing capabilities. [Irish IT Accessibility Guidelines]

A great example of technology accessibility is the mobile phone. Deaf and hearing-impaired people can use mobiles to keep in touch using text messaging. Vibrating phones allow deaf people to feel when their phone is ringing.

More everyday examples are pedestrian crossings with audible indicators and special footpath markings for people with vision impairments, or footpaths that have ramps to enable wheelchair users to cross roads more easily.

It is worth noting that many if not most improvements intended to facilitate people with disabilities also help able-bodied people too. Those wheelchair ramps are great for buggies!

Websites can also be made much more accessible and usable by making small changes that have a big impact, just as with the physical environment. Below are links to other websites that contain more detailed information on website accessibility.

Website accessibility


Irish links


  • Frontend.com Usability consultants, responsible for developing the Irish IT Accessibility guidelines on behalf of the NDA.
  • Open Interface Usability and accessibility consultants, offering training courses and website design services
  • IQ Content Website content consultants, offering writing and information architecture courses
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