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Here are some XML resources we find useful. Enjoy!

Use XML: Software and Utilities

  • Word and XML – Article and links on XML support in Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Word 2003 – Pros and cons
  • XML to Word conversion - A short explanation of how to convert XML documents into Microsoft Word, using Word 2000s' flavour of HTML/XML
  • Online HTML to Word converter – A web form that lets you convert a web page into a Word document, the method described above.
  • Word to XML converters – A list of free and commercial conversion applications we are aware of.
  • WebDoc - Our extension to the XHTML 1.0 Strict DTD, which adds some extra elements to enforce hierarchical structure, WAI compliance, and Dublin Core metadata.
  • An XML working environment - Software we use ourselves
  • Multi-file output from MSXSL processor - An XSLT code fragment which uses the <xsl:script> extension element to define a JScript function to enable splitting the output of MSXSL into multiple files, similar to the <xslt-processor-name:output> extension available with other processors.
  • http://www.xmlsoftware.com/ - A comprehensive catalogue of XML-related software, maintained mainly by James Tauber in Australia

Read XML: Online Magazines and Resources

Talk XML: Newsgroups and Mailing Lists

Learn XML

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YAWC  Pro - One Click Web Publishing from Microsoft Word
Microsoft Word Plug-in

YAWC Online - Microsoft Word  conversion and web publishing server solution
Online Word Converter

YAWC Monitor - Website Quality  Assurance monitoring service
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