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XML Software

A comprehensive listing of XML software is at http://xmlsoftware.com/. Below is a selection of common applications we recommend.


  • Mozilla 1.2: supports XHTML, XML, XSLT, MathML, SVG.
  • Netscape Navigator 7.0: based on Mozilla, and supports similar features, although probably not as well, as it is based on Mozilla 1.0.
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0, supports XML and XSLT, does not support XHTML properly. Can support MathML and SVG with the aid of plug-ins.
  • Opera 6/7: supports XML presentation only.


  • Corel/SoftQuad XMetaL 4.0: WYSIWYG XML editor, suitable for non-technical authors creating narrative text content. Requires site customisation. Approximately $500/€500.
  • Wattle Software XML Writer 2.0: raw XML editor, with colour-coded highlighting support for XML, XSLT, CSS, DTDs. Cheap and cheerful at AUD 139 (~ €75/$75).
  • Marrowsoft XSelerator 2.5: XSLT editor and Integrated Development Environment (IDE). A very good programmers editor at $125.
  • Sharmahd Computing Unipad 1.0: not an XML editor, but an excellent Unicode editor, which displays all characters in all fonts, and can transform between encodings. Highly recommended and good value at $99.

XSLT Processors

  • MSXML 4.0, Microsofts' native Windows processor
  • Saxon 6.5.2, a cross-platform Java processor developed by Michael Kay
  • Sablotron 0.97, a C++ processor with native binaries for many platforms, but not yet a complete XSLT implementation.

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