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Clients (1998 - 2000)

This page describes some early projects and clients, many of whom are still valued customers.

The Irish Times

The Irish Times (http://www.ireland.com/), is Irelands' leading quality national daily newspaper. The Irish Times on the web is the most popular website in and about Ireland, and attracts many overseas visitors.

XML Workshop provided consultancy services for integrating the newspaper and online information systems using a range of XML technologies.


Fabula (http://www.fabula.eu.org/) was a project to develop software specifically for teaching minority languages of the European Union (e.g. Irish, Basque, Welsh) to children, through the medium of story-telling. The goal was that Fabula software would allow teachers and children to create bilingual storybooks, by inserting texts and photographs into simple templates and add in features such as speech bubbles, sound effects, and language links between texts.

XML Workshop's role in the Fabula project was a technical one. There are two components to the software, for authoring and viewing bi-lingual, multi-media stories for children. The Maker creates the stories and theReader is used for viewing them. After reviewing a number of options for development, including Java and Microsoft Internet Explorer, the Netscape Open Source project (Mozilla - http://www.mozilla.org) was chosen. The software harnesses the following languages and technologies: XML, C++, JavaScript, CSS and the Document Object Model (DOM). In addition, we are using the new XML-Based User Interface Language (XUL), developed by Mozilla, for creating the front-end of the Fabula software.

Fabula stories are encoded in XML, and use XLink for creating connections between words for the word game. The Fabula Maker is a modified version of the Mozilla editing component, which has been adapted to create valid XML stories in a WYSIWYG environment. The Fabula Reader uses the Mozilla Gecko layout engine, which supports XML, to display the authored stories.

Full details of this project, including a downloadable software prototype, are available on the Fabula website.

Postscript: For reasons of reliability and ease of use, Mozilla had to be finally abandoned in 2001, and Microsoft Word, in combination with YAWC Pro, replaced it as the authoring tool. YAWC Pro generated HTML pages which could be read using Microsoft Internet Explorer, which by the end of the project had overtaken Netscape Navigator as the most commonly used browser.

European Industrial Relations Observatory (EIRO)

EIRO (http://www.eiro.eurofound.eu.int/) is a network of leading research institutes across the EU and Norway, co-ordinated by the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions in Loughlinstown, Co. Dublin. EIRO collects, analyses and disseminates high-quality and up-to-date information on the key developments in industrial relations in Europe, mainly through its website (EIROnline), but also in a bi-monthly print journal (EIRObserver), and an annual review.

XML Workshop provides SGML, XML, and Internet consultancy services, to streamline the information process, and assure the quality and efficiency of the publication process.

Postscript: In 2002, the Foundation chose the YAWC Pro Word to XML converter to replace its existing Microsoft SGML Author for Word conversion tool, because SA4W didn't support East European languages character sets.

GSM Association

The GSM Association (http://www.gsmworld.com/) is the global body behind the world's leading wireless communications standard. It represents the interests of over 400 GSM, Satellite and 3rd Generation networks operators, regulator and administrative bodies and key manufacturers and suppliers to the GSM industry.

XML Workshop work closely with the Association in developing their private members-only website, including script development and systems and user interface consultancy.


Teagasc (http://www.teagasc.ie/), the Irish Food and Agriculture Development Authority, provide integrated research, advisory and training services for the agricultural and food industry in Ireland. They are a semi-state organisation established under legislation enacted by the Irish government.

XML Workshop, in co-operation with the Irish Farmers Journal (http://www.farmersjournal.ie/), developed and maintain the site, which has become the premier agriculture-related site in Ireland.


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