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Below we describe some of our current and recent clients and the projects we are working on, to give a flavour for the wide range of applications of Word, YAWC and XML.

European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions

The European Foundation commissions research from authors across Europe in the social areas of working and living conditions, and publishes the research in both print and online form. It requires its authors to deliver material in Microsoft Word format, according to a supplied template. The Foundation then uses YAWC Pro to convert this material into XML for further editing and manuscript preparation.

Both the EIROnline and EMCC websites use this approach to enable material to be efficiently authored, edited and published using appropriate technologies at each stage (Word, XML, HTML).

Pearson Education

Pearson Education, the worlds largest supplier of acedemic textbooks, develop online learning materials for 3rd level colleges. These materials supplement textbooks and lecturers notes, and include a wide range of question and test interactions, which can be imported into Learning Management Systems such as WebCT and BlackBoard.

XMLW have extensively customised YAWC Pro to enable authors to create materials using Microsoft Word, and have them converted completely automatically into HTML and other formats for online delivery.

Irish Farmers Journal

The Irish Farmers Journal publishes their weekly newspaper online each Thursday morning. The Online Services team first assemble the pages of the print edition into a single hierarchically structured Word document, according to a pre-defined template. They then use YAWC Online to convert it into a complete set of HTML pages in a pre-defined file and directory structure. These HTML pages are then uploaded to the website using FTP.

A similar approach is taken to publish the weekly classified ads, although in this case the ads are extracted from the newspaper publishing system directly in XML format. Other sections of their website, including the Agriculture Web Directory and Reader Offers, are maintained in the same way, using YAWC Pro to convert from Word to HTML.


Teagasc maintain an extensive and constantly growing website containing agriculture-related information. The site is maintained using YAWC Pro and YAWC Online. Teagasc personnel use YAWC Online directly to update events, add Press Releases, and publish short weekly and monthly newsletters and farming tips.

XMLW use YAWC Pro to convert and publish long documents such as research reports and conference proceedings.

The entire website is WAI Level 2 (AA) compliant, and most pages contain Dublin Core Metadata, according to the Irish Public Sector Metadata Standard.

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