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February 2007

NDA Excellence through Accessibility Workshop: "Enabling staff to create accessible content"

December 2006

Design for All Event to mark UN International Day for Disabled Persons: e-accessibility held by IRL-DeAN in DCU, 6th December

November 2005

Design for All Seminar on Procurement: Speaking engagement to talk about assessing Web CMSs for accessibility support for the Comhairle AssistIreland website, held by IRL-DeAN in DCU, 23rd November

November 2005

2nd Irish MoodleMoot: Reserve presenter at MoodleMoot, speaking on how to maximise accessibilty of Word documents for online learning, held in Dublin Dental School and Hospital on 10th November.

November 2005 BECTA Post-16 eLearning Conference: Exhibiting YAWC eLearning Edition organised by the British Educational Communications and Technology Agency, at the GMEX in Manchester, 1st-2nd November
September 2005 ALT-C: Exhibiting YAWC eLearning Edition at the annual conference of the UK Association for Learning Technology, at the University of Manchester, on 6-8 September
August 2005 MoodleMoot 05: Exhibiting YAWC eLearning Edition conversion server at MoodleMoot 05 in Oxford, on August 15th
May 2005 EdTech 2005: Exhibiting YAWC eLearning Edition conversion server at the annual ILTA conference EdTech 2005 in IADT, Dún Laoghaire, on May 26th-27th
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