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XML Workshop Ltd. offer a number of products designed to support the creation and publication of information using Microsoft Word as the primary editing tool, with fully automated conversion to publishable online content in HTML and other formats.

YAWC eLearning

YAWC eLearning is a Word/Powerpoint to HTML conversion server, which supports the creation of SCORM-compliant packages, as well as WAI accessibility, interactions, etc.


YAWC Pro is a plug-in for Microsoft Word (97, 2000 and XP) that enables Word documents to be converted into HTML or XML. YAWC Pro generates HTML that is much cleaner and smaller than that generated by Microsoft Word itself. It also places the content of the Word document into a pre-defined HTML template, so that the output HTML is ready for immediate publication on a website. YAWC Pro avoids the need for post-conversion clean-up of HTML documents, and avoids the need for most content creators to have anything but the most basic knowledge of HTML.

YAWC Pro also complies with the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) Level 2 Guidelines to ensure accessibility for people with disabilities, and the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (DCMI) for specification of metadata to improve search and retrieval.

YAWC, which rhymes with 'walk', stands for Yet Another Word Converter. YAWC Pro can be downloaded for evaluation. YAWC Lite, a free version with more limited features, is also available.

YAWC Online

YAWC Online is an online Word to HTML conversion service, which enables you to maintain a website using Microsoft Word, without installing any software or knowing any HTML. It converts Word documents into web pages, and automatically adds default branding and navigation information from a HTML template that you can easily define for your site.

YAWC Online works in a similar way to YAWC Pro, but instead of installing, configuring and maintaining software on a number of PCs, YAWC Online lowers the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by carrying out the conversion of documents on a centrally hosted server. Only a Word template is required on each PC, to assist authors in creating well-structured content.

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YAWC  Pro - One Click Web Publishing from Microsoft Word
Microsoft Word Plug-in

YAWC Online - Microsoft Word  conversion and web publishing server solution
Online Word Converter

YAWC Monitor - Website Quality  Assurance monitoring service
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