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Online Converters

Below are links to two online XML to Word converters, for HTML and DocBook.

These converters take the following approach:

  1. Convert HTML to XHTML using HTML Tidy
  2. Strip out presentation markup (graphic design components such as branding and navigation.
  3. Convert markup into Word-2000 compatible XHTML (e.g. h1 becomes <h1 class="MsoTitle">
  4. Save as .doc file (although the content is XHTML).
  5. Open in Word 2000 or higher and edit.

You can then use YAWC Pro or YAWC Online to convert the content back into XML or HTML.

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YAWC  Pro - One Click Web Publishing from Microsoft Word
Microsoft Word Plug-in

YAWC Online - Microsoft Word  conversion and web publishing server solution
Online Word Converter

YAWC Monitor - Website Quality  Assurance monitoring service
Quality Assurance monitoring

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