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Website Maintenance Services

XML Workshop Ltd. offer a cost-effective solution to manage and maintain your organisation’s website. It’s easy to use and your website can be updated on a regular basis, at minimal expense, ensuring relevancy and accuracy. With our technical expertise we will support your staff and your organisation every step of the way, giving you the flexibility to maximise your time on other core business matters.

Outsource the details

Staff with responsibility for website content have two major tasks.

  1. Through internal liaison they are required to create, gather and organise relevant content for publication on the website. They must also review and update existing content regularly.
  2. They must then convert, format and publish the content as HTML pages on an external webserver.

Our Website Content Maintenance Service will suit both large and small organisations. It allows a fulltime website editor or Webmaster to focus more time on gathering and creating the content internally, and less time on converting this content into the appropriate HTML pages; a time consuming and unrewarding experience.

For smaller organisations without a fulltime Webmaster, we provide an efficient, expert and economical outsourced resource, which looks after the nitty-gritty of keeping your website looking professional and up-to-date.

It’s a simple process; the editor supplies information to us in Microsoft Word (or any other) format and we do the rest.

Service description

We maintain your site using Microsoft Word as the content editing tool. In this way the pages can be supplied and shared easily with the editor. We mark Word documents up to ensure accessibility compliance, add appropriate metadata, reformat images where necessary, and convert to HTML using our YAWC software.

Because YAWC outputs fully finished HTML pages, there is no need for any re-working. This minimises both the cost of processing and the turnaround time.

Initiating the service involves a once-off setup charge to define suitable Word and HTML templates, provide initial basic training for client contacts, and configure the technical details of the service.

This service may include site hosting if required, and administering other aspects of online presence, such as regular linkchecking, traffic analysis and server uptime monitoring.


There are five key benefits:

  • Cost efficiency; there is one low cost for each document published, keeping your costs to a minimum.
  • Ease of use; documents and revisions to the site can be emailed in Microsoft Word format, for simplicity and fast turnaround.
  • Flexibility; you can maintain some parts of your website, and we maintain others.
  • Minimum training is required, as we create the HTML pages.
  • Optimising internal resources; we do the low value and tedious conversion work. This allows your website editor to concentrate on sourcing the content to be published.


  • Documents to be published can be delivered in any electronic format (Word, PDF, text)
  • Fixed price per document type (press release, report, etc.) or fixed monthly charge
  • Documents can be previewed on staging server before publication
  • 4-hour response time on documents received in structured Word format
  • Compliance with WAI Level 2 Accessibility Guidelines
  • Compliance with HTML 4.01 (Strict) DTD
  • Compliance with Irish Public Sector Metadata Standard
  • No broken internal hyperlinks

Your website is an integral part of your organisation. Employing our expertise will help you to maintain your site, easily and effectively. By so doing we will relieve the pressure on your staff, enabling them to focus on their core tasks within your organisation.


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