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In accordance with the eEurope Action Plan, agreed by EU leaders in 1999, the Irish Government has adopted the policy of requiring all public sector websites to be accessible to people with disabilities. This means complying with WAI Accessibility Guidelines Level 2.

XML Workshop Ltd. offer a website migration service that will ensure your website is accessible and maintainable. In addition to accessibility, one of the major problems many organisations face is that their site requires the expertise of a Webmaster to maintain. You can solve both your accessibility and maintainability problems by migrating your content to Microsoft Word, and maintaining all your web pages as Word documents.

Many websites are not compliant because the tools used to maintain them do not support the creation of accessible web pages. Web editors, such as Microsoft Front Page, and Web Content Management Systems ( WCMS s) do not support HTML accessibility features. This makes accessibility very difficult to achieve.

Service description

Our Website Migration Service will ensure that your website complies with current best practice, as defined by W3C and other guidelines and standards. These are WAI Accessibility Level 2 and Dublin Core metadata compliance.

We will evaluate your website and decide on the most appropriate migration strategy, based on the number, type and size of pages. For example, for cost reasons, older archive material may be updated to WAI Level 1 compliance, rather than Level 2. Old press releases, which won't be edited, may be delivered in HTML format only. We will convert all pages which will be modified in to future into Word format, mark them up to make them accessible, and convert them back to HTML again.

In addition to meeting the primary goals outlined above, the migration process delivers a range of other benefits to an organisation. These include the ability to maintain the site using Microsoft Word, to facilitate a change in the graphic design, and to share information with outside organisations such as OASIS, BASIS and REACH, using XML.

A number of organisations have availed of this service, and now maintain their sites using Microsoft Word. These are Teagasc (http://www.teagasc.ie/) and the Department of Enterprise Trade and Employment (http://www.entemp.ie/).


  • Cost-effectiveness: the migration process is semi-automated, which minimises your costs.
  • Accessibility: all migrated content is accessible to people with disabilities.
  • Maintainability: you can maintain and update web pages using Microsoft Word, allowing changes to be made quickly and easily.
  • Ease-of-use: no HTML knowledge is required to create these web pages, therefore non-technical staff are able to maintain most of the site.
  • Flexibility: because content is stored as XML, it is easy to share structured information and refresh the graphic design on your site, on an ongoing basis.


  • Pages are delivered in Word, XML and HTML formats.
  • Your site can be updated during the migration process, ensuring continuity of service.

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